RSD Upper Jaw

A facially driven treatment plan project of your patient’s upper jaw.


Depending on the case type,  3 separate digital wax-ups are designed using Natural shapes from our database.

  1. Motivational mock-up
  2. Ideal mock-up -virtual nonpreparation
  3. Ideal mock up-virtual preparation

All our 3D treatment planning begins with a Facially driven treatment planning concept. A 2D RSD smile frame is customized for your case. A 3D digital wax-up is designed using natural algorithms.

This design could include 3 STL files:

  1. Motivational design: This design is purely additive and slightly buccal to the ideal position of the final teeth. This design gives an illusion of a final smile to the patient and extremely useful for motivating towards accepting treatment proposals. This also helps clinicians to draw an ideal treatment plan to reach the ultimate goal of integrating biology, function, and aesthetics.
  2. Ideal Mockup -Virtual non-Prep Design: some cases are part or full subtractive. ideal teeth position wax-up may not give motivational excitement to the patient. This design is extremely useful to judge the amount of teeth reduction or teeth movement required. Also at times, it can serve as a teeth preparation guide when able to transfer the mock-up in a patient's mouth.
  3. Ideal Mockup -virtual Preparation Design: This is an ideal design with its correct teeth position with a correct aesthetic and functional requirements. The design is adapted to the patient current situation after necessary changes are made virtually on the pre-operative STL file. The mock-up transfer in the mouth can serve as post prep temporization, this can serve as a guide to check for any changes required in the final prosthetic design.