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Who doesn’t want to have a perfect smile?

A flawless and beautiful smile is the need of this generation who are fond of selfies and clicking pictures for different social media platforms. Digital Smile Design is an innovative cosmetic dentistry procedure that provides you a perfect and unblemished smile. That helps you gain back your lost confidence and powerfully face the world. Dental smile design is the latest procedure with several benefits and can prove to be the best available treatment modality for smile design.

In this blog, I will be listing the benefits of Digital Smile Design and the process of selecting the best candidates for digital smile design. Pros of DSD

  1. There are many options available for types of digital smile designs. The first advantage of using DSD is that you can visualize and predict the final results' accuracy before the treatment. The dentist can use the final product to educate and aware the patients about the outcome.
  2. The patient can design their smile, which provides a more aesthetic and confident smile. This also helps in the active participation of patients during the entire procedure.
  3. DSD improves the communication between a dentist and patients. The information can be easily accessed, and there can be changes and the addition of extra components according to the patient's demand. Tooth shape, arrangement, and color can be modified according to the patient's expectations.
  4. Patients can visualize and ask for computerized images and videos of their smile design before the treatment. Criteria for candidate selection and technique Anyone can go for a digital smile design procedure.

The technique is based on dental and facial proportion or cephalometric analyses using extra and intraoral digital photographs. Dentists make necessary facial analysis using horizontal and vertical reference lines. Three reference lines are taken for a dental examination. They are horizontal lines from canine to canine tip, the incisal edge of central incisors, and the vertical line passing through the dental midline. Additional lines like gingival zenith, joining lines of gingival and Invisalign battlement are also included in later stages.

After making required changes with the help of a digital ruler and giving a demonstration to the patient about their virtual smile, the changes are modified, and the smile is designed. This visualization happens with the help of high-quality digital videos and photographs that help the patient understand the jaw and teeth in a better way. Final Word Digital Smile Design is less complicated and the best way for a perfect smile design.

It has fewer chances of error as you are already aware of every step and procedure. DSD helps you carry your smile more confidently and positively as it is designed according to your expectations. This is new in the market, so it is not available in every clinic or hospital. But you can get it done with the best dentist in town, and expect a flawless result at the end of the treatment. Your smile is the first thing noticed by the people, making it beautiful and appealing.

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