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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

We offer customized all-digital workflow suited for a variety of cases. Facially driven aesthetics and orofacial planning are easily converted to a variety of restorative options.
Basic requirements are good photography as per sample pics we have shared and a 30-sec phonetic video. You can send us STL scans or courier good rubber-based impressions which we can convert into scans for the benefit of an all digital workflow. Remember to send us a detailed description of patient requirements and your clinical judgement of what is expected and anything else relevant to the case.
The benefits of RSD are that anyone can begin cases with us. Good photography is a good skill to have. Although we recommend that you attend our basic concept course to familiarize yourself and take the first few steps confidently.
Although we require good photographs, we accept DSLR or mobile photography images especially if they are of a good resolution.
All the patient information. Patient requirements in his words. Clinical judgment of dentist as to what is expected in planning. Clinical required incisal length of 1 of the upper central incisors.
Yes although in the next steps we can proceed differently according to each case.
We can offer you a copy smile of someone who you like, come for a scan to enable copying their exact teeth shape and morphology to your new patient. We can also provide smile donor from our database. This creates a unique emotional experience with life changing dentistry for the patient.
Until now the dental restrictions are hand made or even if made taking digital help, the final sculpting to mimic nature is done by a skilful artistic technician. This has limitations in skill, time and cost-effectiveness. With our new full digital workflow, the final restorations are monolithic copies of natural existing teeth in your choice of material. So in effect, there is no need to redefine the shapes or the morphology with human hands. Such restorations are perceived to be natural-looking teeth by the patient and that’s the magic of this concept.
Yes. We offer designs with or without model options or templates to suit your needs. You can plan your cases with specialized 3D digital workflows of RSD. Print the templates in-house with a 3D printer and get going with clinical dentistry using them. For final prosthetics again we can plan only or produce e and send them to you or you can take our planning on produce in-house. Our dentists especially those living outside India choose to print their own models. We are flexible in our work.
We recommend detailed in depth feedback in writing. Along with good pre and post pictures.
After every few and new steps, it is mandatory to provide adequate feedback along with photographs and new scans or impressions.
Most cases are additive cases. We design smile with natural shapes without doing any alterations on the preop restive scan files. The design is made slightly buccal to the final desired position of the teeth. Such a mock-up design can be extended on gums if required. This mock-up can be transferred inpatient mouth as test-drive providing final visual outcome to the patient and for the clinician to understand the treatment options required.
This design is made with keeping in mind the final position of the future teeth or restorations as per the facially driven planning. In some cases, there could be part addition or part subtraction. The patient's existing teeth may need subtraction but in the design and final printed model, they are left untouched. This design can again be transferred inpatient mouth with silicone index and bid acrylic material. It can serve to understand the teeth relocation or restructuring requirements. It can help as a tooth preparation guide or assist patients to understand the need for orthodontic treatment.
This is exactly the same final design as above but the teeth requiring subtraction are virtually eliminated. This design is the final outcome of the treatment with desired shape and teeth morphology. It serves as post preparation temporization.
For clinical issues, we recommend you begin with our basic concept courses.. It will familiarise you with a detailed in depth step-by-step process of executing a case with an all digital workflow. Also a thorough troubleshooting for clinical work.
Yes scanners across India in most of the cities are available by prior appointment with our CO partners illusion Chairside