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How Rich Smile Design Planning will help you?

Get access to a faster, convenient and a precise digital workflow.

3 D Digital treatment planning not just helps dental professionals to come out with the best dental treatment options but also the planning and 3 D printed models during patient consultation help patient understand various treatment modalities and choose that best suits his needs...!

Be a Holistic Dentist!!

“Achieve the clinical results that you always wanted to showcase without having to master the complex protocols of Digital Dentistry”


Send us DIGITAL data of your patient

Taking and uploading correct case images is important in setting the perfect treatment plan. Upload good quality images to get the best results is mandatory. Our portal will help you understand the correct image format.

RECEIVE a step by step - digital roadmap and treatment plan for the patient

After reviewing and checking the files sent by you, we initiate the smile design process. Our trained staff will create a customized and unique treatment plan taking into account all aspects of the patient facial features and functionality.

Basis your inputs, we can make required modifications or changes and come to a common consensus and approved plan for the patient.

SHOWCASE the virtual treatment plan and results to the patient to gain his acceptance and confidence

Your patient will be delighted to see the final outcome in front of them and you will be happy to witness the most, predictable, repeatable, profitable way for smile design or full mouth rehab is possible now with the highly evolved digital dentistry workflows.

Truly a Dental Revolution!

EXECUTE With the use of our template based dentistry concept we provide 3 D printed templates for each clinical procedure based on initial approved planning

You and your team of experts can perform clinical dentistry with more accuracy and predictability. Various templates like motivational designs, ideal virtual preparation and non-preparation designs, teeth preparation guides, crown lengthening guides, implant guides, aligners, final prosthesis in monolithic restorations based on Natural shapes, a digital splints etc makes the process of imparting treatment more precise, faster, predictable and repeatable.

WHY USE 3D treatment planning services from RSD

  • Get expert advice and support
  • Your everyday workflow becomes less time consuming and easier
  • Interactive and efficient patient’s treatment acceptance
  • "Natural looking" life-like smiles that are designed and delivered by experts. 100% digital workflow of RSD uses natural shapes and morphologies from our database
  • What you see today is what you get in the end - COPY PASTE DENTISTRY at its best with our digital dentistry workflows

Rich Smile Design gives you the smile you always wanted to flaunt………

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